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  Automation Systems



. . Automation Systems include Programmable Controllers that support machine control, and Network/Software products to support easy information exchange w... . . . Machine Automation Controllers

Programmable Controllers 
 Programmable Terminals 
 Peripheral Devices 
 Wireless Components 
 Code Readers 
 RFID Systems



. . OMRON Sensing Components detect, measure, analyze, and process various   changes that occur on productionssites, such as changes in position, length, h...       

 Photoelectric Sensors
 Vision Sensors / Machine Vision Systems 
 Displacement / Measurement Sensors  
 Ultrasonic Sensors 
 Proximity Sensors 
 Photomicro Sensors  
 Rotary Encoders
 Pressure Sensors  
 Data Loggers / Thermo-humidity Loggers  
 Liquid Leakage Sensors

   Safety Components .


.  . Safety Components are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities.They are used for shut-out detection of mechanical guards, chec...    

 Safety Sensors 
 Safety Door Switches 
 Safety Limit Switches 
 Emergency Stop Switches  
 Safety Switches 
 Safety Relays
 Safety Controller

  Motion / Drives


 . . Servo motors and inverters ideal for positioning, speed and torque controls in various business machine control fields.      

 Motion Controllers
 Servomotors / Servo Drivers

  Switches .   



  . OMRON provides Basic Switches that operate when objects reach specific locations and Pushbutton Switches operated by people.      

 Level Switches
 Basic Switches
 Limit Switches
 Push Buttons / Indicator Lamps
 Thumbwheel Switches




  .  . Relays are devices making or breaking electric circuits by their output section driven by operational signal,   which is triggered by electric input sig...     

 General Purpose Relays
 Solid-state Relays
 Power Controllers

  Control Components


  Control Components provide ideal control at production site   through Counters, Cam     Positioners,   Timers, Timer Switches, Digital Temperature Controllers...      

 Cam Positioners
 Temperature Controllers
 Digital Panel Indicators
 Signal Converters
 Programmable Relays

  Power Supplies/In Addition 


OMRON provides Power Supplies, Protective Components, Wiring Systems, Sockets, DIN Rails, and other components required on manufacturing sites.    

 Power Supplies
 Axial Fans
 UV-Light Curing Systems
 Air Cleaning / Static Electricity Components
 Measuring / Motor Protective Relays
 Digital Indicators
 Wiring Systems
 Inspection System
 Common Accessories
TO. 02-6236531 ,02-6236990-1 ,02-2231215 Mobile : 081 622 1075 E-mail : [email protected] 
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